WCASS 2023 Fall Conference 

Coming Together: Setting the Stage for Success
September 21-22, 2023
Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Join us for a chance to network with special education leaders and decision makers during the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services Fall Conference. Help set the stage for student success with those who are responsible for making special education and student services purchases in Wisconsin school districts. Learn more and registration details found here! 
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Thursday Keynote: The Role of Law in Special Education
Perry Zirkel, Lehigh University

In this general session, Professor Zirkel will explain the significance of the role of law for stakeholders, including parents and school personnel, for K–12 students with disabilities.  The questions that he will discuss include: (1) Is special education, at this point in its evolution, over-legalized?  (2) To what extent are and should school personnel be legally literate? and (3) What is the ultimate lesson about the role of law as compared with the generally shared norm of providing effective services for students with disabilities and for all students? 




Friday Keynote: Attracting Tomorrow's Talent with Today's Leaders
Steve Bench, Generational Consulting, LLC

Our country is at a generational crossroads unlike any we have seen before. Talent attraction and retention are the #1 issue facing employers in 2023, but at the same time millions of young employees are already disenchanted about the workforce and wondering how their professional lives will take shape in the coming years.  As the Baby Boomers ride off into the retirement sunset, Generation X is left to manage an empowered Millennial generation raised with a new set of attitudes and expectations about their work-life balance. And just as we were beginning to understand Millennials, Gen Z is entering the workforce en masse!  This keynote session focuses on talent attraction and workforce retention by building understanding of who we are, how we were raised, and how each generation views “work” as a part of their identity.  Learn talent attraction and retention strategies to overcome generational differences and attract Millennial and Gen Z employees and keep them from leaving!  Adulthood has changed, and depending on my life stage, I might prioritize my lifestyle over my career… So how do you manage and motivate someone who may not be as committed to their job as previous generations?  This session will give you the answers, energize your group and get people talking!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Manage Generational Leadership at Work
2. Identify Areas of Generational Leverage
3. Win Over Potential Mentors & Strengthen Your Culture
4. Develop a Talent Attraction & Retention Plan
5. Improve Employee Retention Amidst the Great Resignation


Additional Conference content includes:
Instructional considerations for students with disabilities, staff workload determination models, legal hot topics, addressing staffing shortages, and more! 

Back by popular demand: WCASS Conversations
Highly interactive, facilitated conversations about what matters for your work. Great way to learn and build deeper connections with your colleagues!



Glacier Canyon Conference Center
45 Hillman Road
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Registration Costs:

Members $375
Members may register a team of 3 or more $1000*
Non-members $450

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In Kind


Our organization exists to serve student services leaders in Wisconsin. We recognize that while the context for the work varies, the commitment to ensure each and every student has what they need to learn is common. We focus on professional learning and shaping educational policies and practices and are always looking for new ways to serve our members. If we can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you!

Mission: WCASS is an organization devoted to students and student services leaders through professional learning, policy and legislative advocacy, and professional networking. 

Vision: Be the most valuable organization for student services professionals in Wisconsin.

WCASS is committed to:

  • being an organization that is safe and welcoming.
  • valuing and honoring diverse experiences and ideas.
  • creating a professional network of leaders to ensure connections and resource sharing.
  • advocating so all students receive equitable academic, functional, and social/emotional opportunities.
  • developing and sustaining collaborative relationships among organizations who serve Wisconsin’s students and their families.
  • ensuring members have access to timely, relevant and useful professional learning.

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WCASS is a statewide organization devoted to improving services to children with special needs by promoting professional leadership, providing opportunity for study of issues pertaining to special services, and facilitating communication and collaboration on behalf of special needs students. 

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The Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services, Ltd. (WCASS) is a professional organization comprised of over 350 members who administer and support special education programs throughout the state of Wisconsin. The organization was founded in 1994 by a group of special education administrators and pupil services administrators, coming together to share resources and information to better serve students in Wisconsin. The new organization chose the title that merged our two names.

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