Renew Your WCASS Membership

All WCASS memberships are for the fiscal year which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Past and present WCASS members can quickly and easily renew their memberships online by logging in to their Member Profile. If you are uncertain of your User ID and Password, you may retrieve those through the website or by contacting the WCASS office at 608.245.2511.  

Please contact the WCASS office if your membership status has changed (for example, you were previously an Educational Leadership Member and have now taken a position of supervision of special education or pupil services that would change your membership type to WCASS Professional). Individuals who have retired and are no longer employed are eligible for the WCASS Retiree membership at no cost, and working retirees are eligible for discounted membership. Please notify the WCASS office prior to your retirement so we may update your record with the appropriate member type and ensure that we have accurate contact information.

As of May 2021 | Current membership dues are:

  • WCASS Professional Membership - $400
  • Educational Leadership Membership - $250
  • School Law Associate Membership - Individual Attorney $400, Law Firm Group $1,000
  • Business Associate Membership - $400
  • Aspiring Administrator Membership - $45
  • Retiree Membership - $0
  • Working Retiree Membership - $115
  • Emeritus Membership - $200