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WCASS offers several membership categories:

WCASS Professional Membership ($400, previously "Regular membership") is open to anyone who: 

  • Holds a WDPI license of Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (80) or
  • Holds a WDPI license of Supervisor of Special Education (81) or
  • Has responsibility for supervising special education or pupil service personnel (e.g. a Designee) or
  • Is full time college faculty whose major responsibility is the professional preparation of administrators of special education/pupil services.

Educational Leadership Membership ($250) includes professional educators whose job includes:
  • Responsibilities for special education / pupil services 
  • Examples include district administrators, directors of instruction/curriculum, principals, school psychologists, school counselors, lead teachers, etc. 

School Law Associate Membership (Individual Attorney $400, Law Firm Group $1,000) includes any:
  • Attorney who currently represents at least one school district, and 
  • Who does not currently represent parties with special education interests adverse to school districts. 
  • These criteria apply only to the individual attorney and not to other attorneys in the member's firm or attorneys with whom the member may be associated. 

The Business Associate Membership ($400) includes any:
  • business, or
  • vendor, or
  • corporation, or 
  • private individual marketing a product or service to Wisconsin public school districts.

Aspiring Administrators ($45, previously "Student members") are individuals who:
  • Are not in an administrative role and 
  • Are in a graduate program leading to WDPI certificate of Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (80) or supervisor of Special Education (81)

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