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WCASS offers several membership categories:

WCASS Professional Membership ($400, previously "Regular membership") is open to anyone who: 

  • Holds a WDPI license of Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (80) or
  • Holds a WDPI license of Supervisor of Special Education (81) or
  • Has responsibility for supervising special education or pupil service personnel (e.g. a Designee) or
  • Is full time college faculty whose major responsibility is the professional preparation of administrators of special education/pupil services.

Educational Leadership Membership ($250) includes professional educators whose job includes:
  • Responsibilities for special education / pupil services 
  • Examples include district administrators, directors of instruction/curriculum, principals, school psychologists, school counselors, lead teachers, etc. 

School Law Associate Membership (Individual Attorney $400, Law Firm Group $1,000) includes any:
  • Attorney who currently represents at least one school district, and 
  • Who does not currently represent parties with special education interests adverse to school districts. 
  • These criteria apply only to the individual attorney and not to other attorneys in the member's firm or attorneys with whom the member may be associated. 

The Business Associate Membership ($400) includes any:
  • business, or
  • vendor, or
  • corporation, or 
  • private individual marketing a product or service to Wisconsin public school districts.

Aspiring Administrators ($45, previously "Student members") are individuals who:
  • Are not in an administrative role and 
  • Are in a graduate program leading to WDPI certificate of Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (80) or supervisor of Special Education (81)

A variety of Retiree memberships are also available to those who have retired but would like to remain WCASS members. Please contact the WCASS office at 608.245.2511 if you have retired and would like to update your membership type.

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