The Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services (WCASS) is the professional association for those employed in Wisconsin school districts and other educational institutions who serve as Special Services or Pupil Services Administrators. WCASS also offers membership to professional educators in a special education/pupil services leadership role and students. Law firms and individual attorneys who work with school districts in the area of special education interests, as well as individuals from businesses that provide goods and services to educational institutions in Wisconsin, are also valued members.

Through proactive leadership, the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services, Inc. (WCASS) is committed to providing training and technical assistance, facilitating communication among stakeholders, and shaping educational policies and practices in order to promote superior support services for students with special needs. WCASS invites you to explore the many benefits of membership, and learn more about our organization and WCASS's history. Please contact our staff at 608.245.2511 should you have questions regarding membership. We encourage you to join today!