WCASS Conference Handouts

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Pre-Conference Session: Beyond Survival Mode- A Roadmap to Wellness for Leaders
Jenny Severson, Author

Presentation slides here

Best Practice Approaches to Truancy Reduction
Julie Incitti and Marge Resan, WI DPI

Presentation slides here or a helpful handout

Using Empowering (and Lesser-Known) Tools To Impact our Mental Health and Well-Being
Brittany Meoska, Brittany Meoska Coaching, LLC

The Circle and The Wheel

Restorative Practices, A Proactive Approach to Supporting Culture and Wellbeing 
Alissa Darin and Carol Zabel, WISH Center

Presentation slides here

Overview of WI DPI Comprehensive School Mental Health Framework
Jess Frain & Liz Krubsack, DPI Consultants

WI School Mental Health Framework: Slides

WI School Mental Health Framework: presentation resources

Effectively Using Expulsion Abeyance Agreements in Special Education
Chad Wade, Renning, Lewis & Lacy

Presentation slides here

Legal Guide on Preventing and Responding to IDEA Complaints, and Considerations for Supporting Mental Health for Staff and Students
Gary Ruesch, Renae Aldana, Alana Leffler, Sheila Thobani, Mary Gerbig and Emily Turzinski, Buelow Vetter

Presentation document

Students are Back and Masks are Coming Off! The World of Education is Back to Normal, or is it?
Tess O'Brien-Heinzen and Matthew Bell, Boardman & Clark 

Presentation slides here

Exclusion, Seclusion, Restraining, Oh My!
Tim Peerenboom, Katie Berg and Brian Dean, DPI Consultants

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You're the Reason my Child has Failed: Supporting Staff When Confronted by Parent Content and Anger
Christine Hamiel and Kylie Owens, Attolles Law

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Comprehensive Special Education Evaluations: A Closer Look at Emotional Behavioral Disabilities
Daniel Parker and Tammy Stowers-Tonn, DPI

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